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Yamaha Rivage PM3

Yamaha Rivage PM3


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  • Versatile Range: The RIVAGE PM series includes five consoles, two DSP engines, two I/O rack units, and two network protocols, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Unified Interface: Features a consistent interface across all consoles with up to three bays of 12 faders each, touch-sensitive display panels, and the Yamaha Selected Channel Section.
  • High Compatibility: All system components are compatible, including compatibility with components from earlier systems, offering flexibility in system configuration.
  • Exceptional Quality: Emphasizes top-notch sound, operability, and reliability, designed to support sound engineers in delivering outstanding live sound experiences.
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The RIVAGE PM series represents Yamaha's commitment to the art of live sound, offering an all-embracing ecosystem that caters to diverse scale and budget requirements. Its design ensures that engineers familiar with one console can easily adapt to others in the series, thanks to a similar interface across all models. This series stands out for its high compatibility, allowing seamless integration with both current and earlier system components, including I/O racks and DSP engines. Yamaha's dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of the RIVAGE PM series, ensuring first-class sound, ease of operation, and reliable performance, thereby enabling engineers to focus on supporting artists and performers in delivering their message.

  • Control Surface Options:
    • CS-R10/CS-R10-S
    • CSD-R7
    • CS-R5
    • CS-R3
  • DSP Engine Options:
    • Internal (for RIVAGE PM7)
  • Displays:
    • CS-R10: 15" touch panel x 2
    • CS-R10S: 15" touch panel x 1
    • CSD-R7: 15" touch panel x 2
    • CS-R5: 15" touch panel x 3
    • CS-R3: 15" touch panel x 1
  • Fader Bays:
    • CS-R10: 12-faders x 3 bays
    • CS-R10S: 12-faders x 2 bays
    • Others: 12-faders x 3 bays
  • Selected Channels: All parameters
  • Channel Encoder: Yes
  • Channel Name/Color Display: Yes
  • Custom Fader Banks: Yes (6 x 5 on each bay)
  • User Defined Keys:
    • 12 (x 4 banks)
    • 3 (4 x 4 banks can be assigned)
    • 1 (4 x 4 banks can be assigned)
  • User Defined Knobs:
    • 4 (x 4 banks)
    • 3 (4 x 4 banks can be assigned)
    • 1 (4 x 4 banks can be assigned)
  • Touch and Turn Knobs:
    • Yes (2)
    • Yes (3)
    • Yes (1)
  • Weight:
    • CS-R10: 187lbs/ 85kg
    • CS-R10S: 147.7lbs/ 67kg
    • CSD-R7: 207lbs/ 94kg
    • CS-R5: 92.6lbs/ 42kg
    • CS-R3: 83.8lbs/ 38kg