After a decade of hands-on event production experience, we created the AV rental company that we needed all along.

Our years in the event production space taught us everything we need to know about the problems you face, the tech you need, and the standards you expect.

You’re tired of

renting from companies that are too big to care

paying top dollar for bottom-of-the-barrel 

receiving zero support at zero hour

When you rent with us, you get more than equipment. You get a partner, committed to your success and determined to make your rental process a joyful one.

Quality Control the Eagle way

Our attention to detail sets our QC process apart. 

Have a peek


Prime equipment works better and wears better. That’s why you’ll find our warehouse fully stocked with gear from top brands such as Tyler Truss, LAcoustics, BlackMagicDesign and more. Showtime is no time for average. We vet every single item we carry to ensure it makes the cut for your event.


We fit each piece of equipment with its very own road case. Majority of the cases are designed in-house by our department designers, so we can ensure a flawless, protective fit. We also invest in pre-rig truss and racks so all our equipment is event-ready. And strict packing and loading standards keep our gear in prime condition.


Following your successful event, each piece of gear undergoes a meticulous inspection in our warehouse. We then thoroughly clean it, using compressed air for microscopic holes and wiping down every cable. Finally, the equipment is tested by our team of warehouse technicians in our shop’s Demo/Prep Zone to check that it is functioning perfectly. 

We speak your language.

We’re proud of our eclectic, passionate, and industrious tribe.
Meet our friendly bunch of whiz kids putting their genius at your disposal. 

Shaya Adler


Shaya’s story started when he was young and passionate and determined to create something amazing. The passion never waned, and he now spends his days ably supporting the Eagle team and helping clients save money, avoid stress, and learn to trust in an industry where trust is everything. Outside of work, Shaya loves the great outdoors and time spent with family.

Robin Purtell

Executive Assistant

Robin is an aspiring singer/songwriter with a robust skillset in theater and radio, television, and film. As the CEO’s right hand, Robin is the bridge between clients, vendors, and company executives. She thrives on being a friendly face and forging lasting relationships with people. Robin is a sworn Broadway junkie (you’ll find her screlting the soundtracks.)

Rob Sibilla

Director of Video Production

Rob Sibilla is a multifaceted creative talent in the world of filmmaking, video editing, and cinematography. With a passion for visual storytelling, he has established himself as a versatile and skilled professional in the industry. Rob loves all things video and cinema and has won multiple awards in his filmmaking career.

Chris Severn

Production manager + A1

Chris grew up in a family with deep musical roots. In his roles as Production Manager and Audio Engineer at Eagle, Chris orchestrates the technical elements of live performances and studio recordings — the perfect vehicle for his strong creative and technical  instincts. At home, you’ll find Chris spending time with his partner, two dogs, and seven guitars.

Felipe Concha

Audio Engineer + Stage Manager

Felipe has a long history with sound, beginning as a hobby and culminating in a career. With a degree in Sound Engineering from Berklee School of Music, Felipe brings technical expertise to every project and delights in seeing the faces of happy clients as their dream events are realized. His talents don’t end there — he’s a great crocheter, too.

Moshe Neugarten

Warehouse Manager

Moshe started out in Eagle as a project manager (following a stint in the construction industry.) When inventory tripled and the warehouse needed a skilled manager, he stepped up to the plate. Moshe oversees each rental and ensures that clients receive their gear in perfect, event-ready condition.

Tzvi Stein

Chief Purchasing Officer + Project Manager

Tzvi likes to say that he didn’t choose AV — AV chose him. He channels his passion for event technology every day as he tracks inventory, researches new gear, purchases equipment, and manages projects. Tzvi thrives on the feeling of projects coming together and all his hard work playing out before him (literally).

Katie Brokaw

Audio Engineer

Katie’s background in audio started way back in high school, and she went on to major in Audio Engineering. Her true passion is working on-site, but her role also heavily focuses on routine maintenance and repairs for general gear upkeep. Katie loves music, and plays piano, guitar, ukulele, and cello.

Lloyd Reynolds

Head of Resources

Lloyd brings 25 years of wide-ranging experience to his daily work at Eagle AV; planning, directing, managing, and evaluating operations including warehousing, inventory control, transportation, and strategic planning. He thrives on problem solving any issues that arise. Lloyd is also a celebrated drummer with multiple recordings and international tours under his belt.

We hope we’ll have the pleasure of bringing your next event to technicolor life.

The Eagle AV Team