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Yamaha DSP-RX

Yamaha DSP-RX


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Product Highlights

  • Advanced Mixing Capacity: Offers a substantial input mixing capacity with up to 288 channels in DSP-RX-EX mode, ensuring versatility for large-scale events.
  • Extensive Output Options: Features 48 mix buses, 24 matrices, and multiple stereo and mono buses, catering to complex audio setups.
  • High-Quality Audio Processing: Equipped with SILK processing and a range of dynamics options, including Legacy Comp, Gate, and De-Esser, for superior sound quality.
  • Robust Connectivity and Control: Includes a variety of local connectors, such as AES IN/OUT, USB for file recording/playback, and redundant PSU for reliability.
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The Yamaha Rivage PM series mixer is a powerhouse for event organizers, offering unparalleled control and quality in audio mixing. Its massive input capacity, up to 288 channels, makes it ideal for large-scale events like concerts and conferences. The mixer's extensive output options, including 48 mix buses and 24 matrices, provide flexibility for complex audio setups. High-quality audio processing features like SILK and a range of dynamics options ensure the best sound quality for any event. Additionally, its robust connectivity options, including AES, USB, and redundant PSU, guarantee reliable performance and ease of use.

  • Mixing Capacity
    • Input Mixing Channels: DSP-RX (120), DSP-RX-EX (288), Internal (144)
    • Mix Buses: 48, 72, 60
    • Matrices: 24 (Input to Matrix supported), 36 (Input to Matrix supported)
    • Stereo Buses: 2
    • Mono Buses: 1
    • Cue Bus: 1