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Yamaha CL3

Yamaha CL3


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Product Highlights

  • Innovative Sound Quality: Yamaha CL series consoles deliver superior sound with a range of coloring options for creative freedom.
  • Intuitive Operation: Features Centralogic interface for efficient, intuitive control, enhanced by iPad and computer integration.
  • Advanced Networking: Equipped with Dante network audio protocol for flexible, complex system design and deployment.
  • Versatile I/O Options: Compatible with a variety of I/O racks and Mini-YGDAI cards for extensive connectivity.
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The Yamaha CL Series represents a pinnacle in digital mixing console technology, tailored for live sound success. Its exceptional sound quality stems from meticulous circuitry design and the inclusion of premium Portico 5033/5043 EQ and compressor modules, offering unparalleled sonic purity and creative potential.

The console's Centralogic interface ensures efficient and enjoyable operation, making it a breeze to adapt to changing live sound demands, with the added benefit of seamless remote control and offline editing capabilities.

Furthermore, its scalable network capabilities via Dante protocol allow for rapid design and deployment of complex audio systems, ensuring the CL series is adaptable to any live sound scenario.

  • Input Channels:
    • CL5: 72 mono, 8 stereo
    • CL3: 64 mono, 8 stereo
    • CL1: 48 mono, 8 stereo
  • Fader Configuration:
    • CL5: 16-fader left, 8-fader Centralogic, 8-fader right, 2-fader master
    • CL3: 16-fader left, 8-fader Centralogic, 2-fader master
    • CL1: 8-fader left, 8-fader Centralogic, 2-fader master
  • I/O Rack Options:
    • Rio3224-D: 32 ins, 16 outs, 4 AES/EBU outs
    • Rio1608-D: 16 ins, 8 outs
    • RSio64-D: Dante/Mini-YGDAI conversion, 64 ins/outs
    • RMio64-D: Dante/MADI conversion
    • Ri8-D: 8 ins
    • Ro8-D: 8 outs
  • Additional Options:
    • MBCL: Peak Meter Bridge for CL3 and CL1
    • Mini-YGDAI cards: Expansion cards for additional I/O
    • PW800W: Redundant power supply unit
    • LA1L: LED Gooseneck Console Lamp