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Wireless Solution BlackBox F-2 G6

Wireless Solution BlackBox F-2 G6


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Product Highlights

  • Dual functionality with both Transmitter & Receiver modes for versatile use in various setups.
  • Impressive range of up to 700 meters / 2,200 feet, ensuring reliable connectivity over large distances.
  • Supports 1,024 DMX channels for comprehensive control over lighting and effects.
  • RDM & Bluetooth capable, offering advanced management and wireless connectivity options.
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The Wireless Solution BlackBox F-2 G6 is a cutting-edge device designed for seamless and reliable wireless communication in event production settings. It boasts the ability to function both as a transmitter and receiver, making it a versatile choice for managing complex lighting and audio setups. With an extensive range of up to 700 meters or 2,200 feet, it ensures that signal connectivity remains strong, even in large venues. Additionally, the device's compatibility with RDM and Bluetooth technologies allows for efficient remote device management and wireless connectivity, enhancing the ease of setup and control for event organizers and planners.

  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Protocols Supported: DMX and RDM, Art-Net & Streaming ACN (with optional WiFi), Bluetooth
  • Technology Features:
    • Adaptive Frequency Hopping
    • Data-Safe
    • Backward compatibility with G3, G4, G4S, and G5 series
  • Compatibility:
    • Option for CRMX compatibility
    • Compatible with all OEM products
    • The G6 series is not compatible with the W-DMX™ Dongle
  • Additional Features: Supports the W-DMX™ Configurator App
  • Physical Specs:
    • Weight: 3.3 lbs
    • Dimensions: 9.25 × 5.9 × 1.77 in
  • Accessories Included: 1x 6' Tru1, 2x 3' 5pin DMX
  • Options: WDMX & CRMX