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Ultimate Support Guitar Stand

Ultimate Support Guitar Stand


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Product Highlights

  • Patented Leg-Locking System: Ensures stability and reliability for your guitar stands.
  • Protective Padding: Designed to prevent damage to the guitar's finish.
  • Push Button Lock Mechanism: A new feature for easy setup and takedown of the stands.
  • Road Ready Package: Combines innovative features and performance, ideal for event organizers.
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The Genesis® Series Plus guitar stands from Ultimate Support are a perfect blend of innovation and practicality, designed specifically for event organizers and planners. The patented leg-locking system provides unmatched stability, ensuring that guitars are securely held in place during events. The protective padding on the legs is a thoughtful addition, safeguarding the guitar's finish from any potential damage. A standout feature is the new push button lock mechanism, which simplifies the process of setting up and taking down the stands, making it quick and hassle-free.

  • Stability: Patented leg-locking system.
  • Protection: Padding on legs to prevent finish damage.
  • Ease of Use: New push button lock mechanism for easy setup and takedown.
  • Design: Part of the beloved Genesis Series, with added improvements.
  • Availability: In stock - GS-1000 Pro+, GS-100+, GS-200+.
  • Price Range: $44.99 - $54.99.