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Tyler Truss GT 8' w/ Indexible Spigots

Tyler Truss GT 8' w/ Indexible Spigots


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile Connection Solutions: Offers innovative truss connection methods including Indexable Spigots and Sliding Spigots for flexible design options.
  • Enhanced Load Management: Features like the Load Leveler and Pick Point for precise load distribution and stability in event setups.
  • Durable and Safe Construction: Utilizes heavy-duty materials and design features such as water-jetted hand holds and trim rings for safety and longevity.
  • Customizable and Efficient Rigging: Provides a range of accessories like Gates, Grips, and Wedges to streamline and customize rigging processes.
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Tyler Truss presents a comprehensive range of truss accessories designed to meet the dynamic needs of event organizers and planners. With a focus on innovation, such as the Indexable Spigots that allow for versatile truss connections, and the Load Leveler for advanced load management, these accessories ensure efficient and stable setups for any event.

The construction of each component prioritizes durability and safety, incorporating features like water-jetted hand holds and trim rings to prevent injuries.

Moreover, the customizable options like adjustable Gates and Grips offer solutions for unique rigging challenges, making Tyler Truss accessories indispensable for creating memorable and secure event experiences.

  • Base Plates: Steel with Tyler Black powder coat finish, water-jetted hand holds, trim rings, compatible with Base Plate Carts.
  • Corner Blocks: Tank-like construction, no sharp edges, uses standard truss bolt plates, built in various configurations.
  • Dollies: Designed for various truss sizes and widths, U.S.A.-produced half couplers, wear-resistant UHMW cradles, cargo fastener loops.
  • Gates: Load-bearing, 2” thickness, adjustable gate variety for different truss profiles, customer-tailored adjustable ranges available.
  • Grips: 75% loading capacity of the truss, connects trusses at perpendicular angles without short lengths or corner blocks.
  • Hinges: Bookend and Center-Pivot designs, constructed with standard truss materials and Heavy Duty hinges, not load-bearing.
  • Indexable Spigots: Patented design, horizontal or vertical orientation, compatible with all Tyler spigoted products, maintains constant loading capacity.
  • Load Leveler: Adjusts center of gravity under load, traditional Pick Point functionality, simplifies truss level adjustments.
  • Pick Point: Durable lifting point, allows more trim height and space for hanging fixtures, available for various truss sizes.
  • Sliding Spigots: Patented, allows up to 16 degrees of arch between truss sticks, supports both fixed and movable designs.
  • Wedges: Matches loading profiles of connected truss, designed for bolt-plate truss, bridges structural and visual design needs.