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Sony Cinema Line FX6 Camera

Sony Cinema Line FX6 Camera


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  • Full-frame Performance: The Sony ILME-FX6V offers exceptional full-frame performance with high sensitivity, ensuring superior image quality.
  • Advanced Movie Functions: Equipped with Real-time Eye AF and Face Detection for precise focus and enhanced cinematic expression.
  • High-Frame-Rate Recording: Supports 4K (QFHD) recording at a high frame rate of 120fps, perfect for capturing smooth, detailed slow-motion footage.
  • Built-in Electronic Variable ND Filter: This feature allows for seamless control over exposure, enhancing the camera's versatility in varying lighting conditions.
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The Sony ILME-FX6V is a powerhouse in a compact body, ideal for event organizers and planners who require top-notch visual equipment. Its full-frame sensor ensures high sensitivity and superior image quality, making it perfect for capturing stunning visuals at events.

The camera's advanced movie functions, including Real-time Eye AF and Face Detection, provide filmmakers with the tools for precise focus and creative expression.

Additionally, its ability to record 4K (QFHD) at 120fps makes it an excellent choice for capturing dynamic, high-quality slow-motion footage, enhancing the visual appeal of any event.

  • Sensor: Full-frame image sensor
  • Movie Functions: Real-time Eye AF, Face Detection
  • Recording Capability: 4K (QFHD) at 120fps
  • Variable ND Filter: Built-in electronic Variable ND Filter
  • Color Science: Cinematic color with S-Cinetone
  • Dimensions: A: 116 mm (4.63 inches), B: 153 mm (6.13 inches), C: 114 mm (4.5 inches)