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Side Entry Clamp W/Reversed Elbow & Half Coupler

Side Entry Clamp W/Reversed Elbow & Half Coupler


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile Mounting Solution: Ideal for event organizers and planners requiring reliable rigging options.
  • Innovative Design: Features a side entry clamp with a reversed elbow and half coupler for easy setup.
  • Robust Construction: Ensures secure attachment and stability for various audiovisual equipment.
  • Easy Integration: Compatible with standard rigging setups for events, concerts, and corporate functions.
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The Side Entry Clamp with Reversed Elbow and Half Coupler is designed for event organizers and planners who need a dependable solution for mounting audiovisual equipment. Its innovative design allows for easy and secure attachment to trusses or other rigging points, ensuring that speakers, lights, and other essential equipment are safely supported. The robust construction of the clamp guarantees durability and reliability for various events, from conferences to concerts.

Due to the lack of specific technical specifications provided on the webpage, I'm unable to list detailed tech specs for the Side Entry Clamp W/Reversed Elbow & Half Coupler. For accurate and comprehensive technical specifications, I recommend contacting the manufacturer or supplier directly or visiting the product page for updates.