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Shure ULXD2 Transmitter

Shure ULXD2 Transmitter


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Product Highlights

  • Iconic Vocal Microphone: The Shure SM58-LC is a renowned vocal microphone, widely recognized in the industry.
  • Uniform Cardioid Polar Pattern: Ensures clear voice reproduction and minimizes background noise.
  • Integrated Pneumatic Shock Mount: Absorbs handling noise for a vibration-free performance.
  • Durable and Road-Ready: Built to withstand tough performances with a rugged construction and break-resistant stand adapter.
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The Shure SM58-LC microphone stands as a legendary tool in the world of vocal performance, celebrated for its reliability and quality. Its uniform cardioid polar pattern expertly captures voice with clarity and precision while effectively leaving background noise behind, making it ideal for any live stage, from small clubs to large stadiums. The microphone's design features a pneumatic shock mount that significantly reduces handling noise, ensuring a clean, clear sound. Additionally, its rugged construction and break-resistant stand adapter make it a durable choice for touring, capable of enduring the rigors of the road and various performance demands.

  • Model: SM58-LC
  • Polar Pattern: Uniform cardioid
  • Output Connector: XLR-XLR
  • Design Features:
    • Pneumatic shock mount to reduce handling noise
    • Spherical mesh grille with a built-in pop filter
  • Durability:
    • Rugged construction
    • Break-resistant stand adapter
  • Applications: Ideal for live vocal performances
  • Additional Features:
    • No on/off switch
    • Designed to handle voice with clarity and care
    • Effective in minimizing background noise on stage