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Shure ULXD Wireless Rack Package - (4 Channel)

Shure ULXD Wireless Rack Package - (4 Channel)


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Product Highlights

  • The ULXD4Q Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver is a professional-grade audio solution for sound reinforcement applications.
  • Features Digital Predictive Switching Diversity for reliable audio signal stability.
  • Offers a wide 64 MHz tuning range to accommodate various frequencies.
  • Supports AES 256 encryption, ensuring secure audio transmission.
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The ULXD4Q Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver is designed for professional sound reinforcement needs, offering an intelligent four-channel option that ensures high-quality audio performance.

With Digital Predictive Switching Diversity, it provides exceptional signal stability and reliability across all channels.

The receiver's broad 64 MHz tuning range allows for flexible frequency selection, making it suitable for a wide range of venues and events. Additionally, the inclusion of AES 256 encryption guarantees that audio transmissions are secure, making it an ideal choice for events requiring confidentiality.

Unfortunately, the detailed technical specifications for the ULXD4Q Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver were not provided in the content retrieved from the webpage. The information available focused on the product's key features and benefits, such as its digital predictive switching diversity, 64 MHz tuning range, and AES 256 encryption for security. For a comprehensive list of technical specifications, it would be necessary to consult the official product documentation or contact Shure directly.