Shure UA874 Antenna

Shure UA874 Antenna


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Product Highlights

  • Active directional antenna designed for improved wireless signal reception.
  • Compatible with both VHF and UHF wireless systems.
  • Features rejection of RF signals outside the coverage area.
  • Integrated amplifier with four gain settings for optimal performance.
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The UA874 Active Directional Antenna offers a significant enhancement in wireless signal reception for both VHF and UHF systems, ensuring clear and reliable audio for your events.

Its design is focused on rejecting RF signals that are outside the antenna's coverage area, which is crucial for minimizing interference and ensuring the best possible sound quality.

Additionally, the antenna comes equipped with an integrated amplifier that boasts four gain settings, allowing for flexible and precise adjustment to meet the specific needs of any venue or event setup.

Unfortunately, the detailed technical specifications for the UA874 Active Directional Antenna were not provided in the content retrieved from the webpage. For comprehensive technical specifications, including frequency range, gain settings, and other vital details, it's recommended to consult the official product page or contact a Shure expert directly.