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Shure TL48B/O Lav Mic

Shure TL48B/O Lav Mic


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Product Highlights

  • Tailored Response for Speech: Optimized for clarity in speech and dialogue applications, ideal for film and TV.
  • Subminiature Design: Easily concealed in costumes or directly against the skin under wardrobe.
  • Professional Input: Developed with input from leading audio professionals.
  • Extensive Accessories: Comes with a range of accessories for quick, easy, and secure mounting without compromising sound quality.
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The TwinPlex™ TL48 is a subminiature lavalier microphone specifically designed to elevate speech and dialogue clarity in film and TV applications. Its tailored response features a mid-range rise, making it perfect for capturing clear and intelligible speech.

The TL48's discreet, subminiature form factor allows for easy concealment in costumes or directly on the skin, ensuring versatility in a variety of wardrobe scenarios.

Additionally, it includes a comprehensive set of accessories, facilitating effortless and secure microphone mounting, all while maintaining exceptional sound quality.

  • Model: TL48-LEMO1-A
  • Color Options: Black, Tan, White
  • Connector Types: 1-Pin Lemo, 6-Pin Lemo, Lemo3, Mdot, Mtqg, Open Cable Ends, 3 Pin XLR