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Shure SLXD2 Transmitter

Shure SLXD2 Transmitter

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Product Highlights

  • Legendary SM58® microphone capsule for clear vocal performance
  • Interchangeable microphone capsule design
  • Ideal for speech presentation and live entertainment
  • Operates within the G58 frequency band (470-514 MHz)
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The SLXD2/SM58 wireless microphone system, featuring the renowned SM58® interchangeable microphone capsule, is engineered for clarity in speech presentation and vocal performance. This system is perfectly suited for environments ranging from lecture halls to live entertainment, ensuring reliable performance. With its operation in the G58 frequency band (470-514 MHz), it offers flexibility and ease of use in various settings, making it a top choice for event organizers and planners.

Unfortunately, the provided webpage content does not include detailed technical specifications for the SLXD2/SM58. For comprehensive and accurate technical specifications, visiting the official Shure website or contacting a Shure expert directly would be recommended.