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Shure SB200 2 Bay Charger

Shure SB200 2 Bay Charger


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Product Highlights

  • Dual Docking Recharging Station: Ideal for event organizers requiring efficient battery management.
  • Charges SB900B Batteries: Suitable for batteries in or out of their transmitters.
  • Expandable Charging Solution: Capability to run up to 4 SBC200 stations off a single power supply.
  • Convenient and Reliable: Ensures continuous performance for audio equipment at events.
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The SBC200 is a dual docking recharging station designed to charge SB900B batteries, either installed in transmitters or separately. Its expandable design allows up to four SBC200 stations to be powered from a single power supply, making it an efficient solution for managing multiple batteries. This charging station is an essential tool for event organizers, ensuring that their audio equipment, such as microphones and transmitters, remain operational throughout various events like conferences, weddings, and concerts.

  • Product Type: Dual Docking Recharging Station
  • Battery Compatibility: Specifically designed for charging SB900B batteries
  • Charging Capability: Can charge batteries in or out of transmitters
  • Expandability: Ability to connect and run up to 4 SBC200 stations from one power supply
  • SKU Information: Detailed SKU not provided on the webpage