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Shure P9T Wireless Transmitter

Shure P9T Wireless Transmitter


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Product Highlights

  • Professional In-Ear Personal Monitoring System: Ideal for professional tours, broadcast events, and audio installations.
  • Advanced Technology: Features patented Audio Reference Companding and exceptional transmitter linearity.
  • High Compatibility and Range: Offers 20 compatible frequencies per band and a 36 MHz to 40 MHz tuning bandwidth, depending on the region.
  • Innovative Features: Includes patented CueMode functionality, precision front-end RF filtering, and MixMode® Technology.
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The Shure PSM 900 Professional In-Ear Personal Monitoring System is a top-tier solution for professional audio applications. It delivers exceptional audio quality and reliable RF performance, crucial for professional tours, broadcast events, and installations.

The system's patented Audio Reference Companding ensures a natural and transparent sound, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Additionally, the P9RA+ bodypack receiver's hybrid analog/digital architecture offers improved headroom, stereo separation, and audio fidelity, making it an ideal choice for demanding professional environments.

  • Frequency Bandwidth: 36 MHz to 40 MHz tuning bandwidth, region-dependent.
  • Transmitter: P9T half-rack wireless transmitter with balanced connection and front or back antenna mounts.
  • Receiver Architecture: P9RA+ offers a hybrid analog/digital architecture for more headroom and higher audio fidelity.
  • Audio Quality: Patented Audio Reference Companding for natural and transparent sound.
  • RF Filtering: Precision front-end RF filtering reduces RF interference, dropouts, and audible artifacts.
  • Channel Compatibility: 20 compatible channels per frequency range.
  • RF Gain Control: Auto RF gain control to prevent signal distortion from RF overload.
  • CueMode Functionality: Allows monitoring of different stage mixes, storing up to 20 separate channels on one bodypack.
  • RF Mute Switch: Front Panel RF mute switch for enabling/disabling RF transmission.
  • Scan and Sync: Scan the RF environment with the bodypack and assign group and channel over wireless IR link.
  • MixMode® Technology: Balance the level of two separate channels while listening to both signals in both ears.
  • User Interface: LCD menu with grouped menu items for easier navigation.
  • Additional Features: Includes a range of compatible accessories and advanced digital signal processing technology.