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Shure P10R+ Beltpack Receiver

Shure P10R+ Beltpack Receiver


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Product Highlights

  • Diversity Bodypack Receiver: The P10R+ is a low-profile, twin-antenna diversity bodypack receiver, designed for use with the PSM® 1000 Personal Monitor System.
  • Robust RF Performance: Features precision front-end RF filtering, automatic RF gain control, and full bandwidth RF scan, ensuring a clean and strong RF signal with fewer dropouts.
  • Advanced Audio Quality: Equipped with advanced digital signal processing technology, offering more headroom, improved stereo separation, and higher audio fidelity.
  • Networked Control and Compatibility: Offers networked control via Ethernet for easy setup and is compatible with PSM® 900 receivers in the same frequency range.
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The Shure P10R+ is a state-of-the-art diversity bodypack receiver, offering the pinnacle of personal monitoring with its advanced digital signal processing technology. This technology not only enhances audio quality but also ensures robust RF performance, making it ideal for professional audio applications.

The P10R+ stands out with its touring-grade features, including full bandwidth RF scan, Precision Front-End RF Filtering, and Automatic RF Gain Control, all of which contribute to its superior performance in IEM and IFB applications.

Its compatibility with PSM® 900 receivers and networked control capabilities make it a versatile choice for event organizers and planners.

  • Design and Performance:
    • Twin-antenna diversity bodypack receiver
    • Advanced digital signal processing technology
    • Networked control via Ethernet
    • CueMode for monitoring different stage mixes
    • MixMode® technology for combining two audio channels
    • Compatibility with PSM® 900 receivers
  • RF Performance and Control:
    • Precision front-end RF filtering
    • Automatic RF gain control
    • Full bandwidth RF scan from bodypack
    • IR sync for frequency coordination
    • Networked frequency coordination
  • Audio Quality:
    • More headroom and improved stereo separation
    • Patented Audio Reference Companding for natural sound
  • Rechargeability Options:
    • SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable battery
    • SCB800-US eight-bay charger
    • SBC200 dual-docking charger
    • SBC220 networked dual-docking charger
  • Accessories:
    • 8-Up Battery Charger (SBC800)
    • Neoprene Bodypack Arm Pouch (WA620)
    • Dual Docking Recharging Station (SBC200)
    • Charging module (SBC-AX)
    • DC Volt Adapter (SBC-DC)
    • Replacement Antennas (UA7xx series)
    • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (SB900B)
    • USB single battery charger (SBC10-100)
    • Accessory Cable for Earphones (EAC-IFB)
    • Belt Pouch for Wireless Bodypack Transmitters (WA570A)
    • 2-Bay Battery Charger (SBC210)
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