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Shure MX18 Gooseneck Mic

Shure MX18 Gooseneck Mic


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Product Highlights

  • Focused Voice Clarity: Microflex microphone cartridges specifically capture human voice for clear audio.
  • Easy Installation: Offers a variety of mounting options for hassle-free setup in any space.
  • RF Interference Rejection: Features Shure Commshield® technology to eliminate distractions from smartphones and other devices.
  • Enhanced Speech Quality: Includes a snap-fit windscreen and integrated shock mount to reduce noise interference, ensuring only speech is captured.
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The MX418 is designed to elevate spoken audio to its highest quality, ensuring that every word is heard with exceptional clarity. Its specialized Microflex microphone cartridges are expertly tuned to capture the human voice, making it ideal for events where clear communication is key.

The microphone's easy installation process, with various mounting and form factor options, makes it a versatile choice for any setting.

Additionally, the built-in Shure Commshield® technology ensures a clean signal by effectively rejecting RF interference, while the snap-fit windscreen and integrated shock mount work together to eliminate distracting noises, allowing only the desired speech to be heard.

  • Model: MX418/C
  • Microphone Type: Gooseneck
  • Length Options: Available in 18-inch and 12-inch gooseneck lengths
  • Design Features:
    • Low-profile design
    • Dual-flex gooseneck for easy adjustment
    • Options available with mute button, LED indicator, locking flange, and shockmount assemblies
  • Mounting Options: Can be mounted on tables, lecterns, podiums, or similar surfaces
  • Cartridge Options: Interchangeable cartridges for optimal audio in various environments
  • Additional Features:
    • No mute switch
    • Status indicator: LED
    • Preamp included
    • Cable exit: Bottom
    • Desktop mount: A412b
    • Furnished capsules: Cardioid, Supercardioid
  • Price: $269.00