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Shure MX150 Ob Lav Mic

Shure MX150 Ob Lav Mic


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  • Subminiature Lavalier Microphone: Ideal for events requiring minimal visibility of audio equipment.
  • CommShield Technology: Ensures protection against RF interference, maintaining clear sound quality.
  • User-Changeable Equalization Caps: Offers flexibility in sound customization.
  • Windscreen Included: Provides added protection against wind noise, enhancing audio clarity.
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The MX150 Subminiature Lavalier Microphone is a premium choice for event organizers who prioritize both sound quality and discreet appearance. Its advanced CommShield Technology effectively guards against RF interference, ensuring uninterrupted, clear audio. The microphone's user-changeable equalization caps allow for easy customization of sound profiles, making it versatile for various event settings. Additionally, the included windscreen is a valuable asset for outdoor events, as it significantly reduces wind noise, thereby maintaining the clarity and quality of the audio.

  • SKU: MX150B/C-TQG
  • Connector: TQG (TA4F, 4-Pin Mini), 3 Pin XLR
  • Preamp: Included
  • Price: $259.00