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Shure Helical Antenna

Shure Helical Antenna

SKU HA4540

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Product Highlights

  • Helical Antenna designed for enhanced bandwidth and extended range.
  • Ideal for use with receivers, transmitters, and distribution systems.
  • Ensures greater bandwidth for reliable performance.
  • Provides longer range gain, optimizing signal strength and quality.
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The HA-8089 Helical Antenna is engineered to significantly improve the bandwidth and range for audio-visual equipment, making it a perfect choice for event organizers and planners.

Its design focuses on providing greater bandwidth, which ensures that the audio and visual signals are transmitted with higher fidelity and less interference.

The antenna's capability to offer longer range gain means that it can transmit signals over greater distances without loss of quality, making it ideal for large venues and outdoor events.

Unfortunately, the specific technical specifications for the HA-8089 Helical Antenna were not provided in the content retrieved from the webpage. For detailed tech specs, it would be necessary to consult the official product page or contact a Shure expert directly.