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Shure Beta 98 Clip on

Shure Beta 98 Clip on


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Product Highlights

  • Miniature Instrument Microphone: Compact and unobtrusive, ideal for live performances.
  • High Gain-Before-Feedback: Ensures clear, distortion-free sound even in loud environments.
  • Rejection of Unwanted Noise: Focuses on the instrument, minimizing background noise.
  • Preamplifier Circuitry: Improves linearity across the full frequency range for natural sound reproduction.
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The Shure Beta 98H/C is a miniature instrument microphone designed to deliver exceptional audio quality in live performance settings. Its high gain-before-feedback feature ensures that the sound remains clear and free from distortion, even in loud environments. The microphone's ability to reject unwanted noise focuses the audio capture on the instrument, providing a cleaner and more precise sound. Additionally, the integrated preamplifier circuitry enhances the linearity of the frequency response, ensuring that the natural sound of the instrument is accurately reproduced.

  • Type: Miniature Instrument Microphone
  • SKU: Beta 98H/C