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Shure Beta 87 Capsule

Shure Beta 87 Capsule

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Product Highlights

  • Wireless Beta 87A cartridge designed for easy replacement of cartridge, housing assembly, and matte grille.
  • Specifically crafted for wireless Beta 87A microphones.
  • Ensures high-quality sound reproduction for professional audio requirements.
  • Offers the durability and reliability expected from Shure products.
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The RPW120 Wireless Beta 87A Cartridge is an essential accessory for event organizers and planners who demand the best in audio equipment. It allows for the seamless replacement of the cartridge, housing assembly, and matte grille specifically for wireless Beta 87A microphones. This product is designed to maintain the exceptional sound quality and performance Shure microphones are known for, ensuring clear, reliable audio for any event, from conferences to concerts. With its easy installation and robust design, the RPW120 is a practical choice for professionals seeking to enhance their audio setup with minimal downtime.

Unfortunately, the provided webpage content does not include detailed technical specifications for the RPW120 Wireless Beta 87A Cartridge. For comprehensive tech specs, direct consultation with Shure's official product documentation or customer support may be necessary.