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Shure Beta 58 Capsule

Shure Beta 58 Capsule

SKU 7893

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Product Highlights

  • Wireless Beta 58A cartridge designed for easy replacement.
  • Includes cartridge, housing assembly, and matte grille.
  • Compatible with wireless Beta 58A microphones.
  • Ensures high-quality sound reproduction for live performances.
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The RPW118 Wireless Beta 58A Cartridge is an essential accessory for event organizers and planners who demand the best audio quality for their events. This replacement cartridge comes complete with the cartridge itself, housing assembly, and a matte grille, ensuring a seamless fit and performance with wireless Beta 58A microphones. Designed for durability and high-quality sound reproduction, it is an ideal choice for conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events where clear and reliable audio is paramount.

Unfortunately, the provided webpage content does not include specific technical specifications for the RPW118 Wireless Beta 58A Cartridge. For detailed tech specs, it would be best to consult the official Shure website or contact a Shure expert directly.