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Shure Axient 4q 4 Channel Receiver

Shure Axient 4q 4 Channel Receiver


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Product Highlights

  • Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver: Ideal for professional sound reinforcement applications.
  • Digital Predictive Switching Diversity: Ensures stable and reliable wireless signal.
  • Wide 64 MHz Tuning Range: Offers extensive frequency flexibility.
  • AES 256 Encryption: Provides secure, encrypted transmission for confidential settings.
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The Shure ULXD4Q is a state-of-the-art quad-channel digital wireless receiver designed for professional audio applications. It features Digital Predictive Switching Diversity, which guarantees a consistent and dependable wireless connection. The receiver's broad 64 MHz tuning range allows for greater frequency flexibility, accommodating various environments. Additionally, the AES 256 encryption ensures secure transmission, making it suitable for events where confidentiality is paramount.

  • Model: ULXD4Q
  • Type: Quad-Channel Digital Wireless Receiver
  • Frequency Bands:
    • G50 (470-534 MHz)
    • H50 (534-598 MHz)
    • J50a (572-616 MHz)
    • V50 (174-216 MHz)
    • X52 (902-928 MHz)
  • Features:
    • Digital Predictive Switching Diversity
    • 64 MHz Tuning Range
    • AES 256 Encryption
  • Price: $6,453.00