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Shure ADX2 Transmitter (No Capsule)

Shure ADX2 Transmitter (No Capsule)

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  • The ADX2/SM58 is a handheld wireless microphone transmitter renowned for its exceptional performance.
  • Features wide tuning up to 184 MHz, ensuring versatile use across various frequencies.
  • Equipped with interference protection for clear, uninterrupted audio.
  • Offers advanced rechargeability, streamlined design, and ShowLink remote control for real-time adjustments.
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The ADX2/SM58 sets a new standard for wireless microphone transmitters, offering unparalleled clarity and reliability for event organizers and planners. Its wide tuning range up to 184 MHz allows for flexible frequency selection, making it ideal for conferences, weddings, and concerts where sound quality is paramount. The built-in interference protection guarantees that your event's audio will be crystal clear, free from any unwanted noise. Additionally, the advanced rechargeability and streamlined design, coupled with ShowLink remote control capabilities, provide ease of use and the ability to make real-time parameter adjustments from anywhere in the venue.

  • Model: ADX2/SM58
  • Frequency Band: G57 (470-608 MHz)
  • Tuning Range: Up to 184 MHz
  • Features:
    • Interference protection for clear audio
    • Advanced rechargeability for extended use
    • Streamlined design for ease of handling
    • ShowLink remote control for real-time adjustments