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Shure AD1 Beltpack

Shure AD1 Beltpack


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Product Highlights

  • Impeccable Audio Quality: The AD1 Bodypack Transmitter ensures top-notch audio fidelity and RF performance.
  • Wide Tuning Range: Offers a broad frequency tuning range for versatile use in different environments.
  • High-Density Mode: Equipped with a High-Density mode for enhanced performance in crowded RF environments.
  • Durable and Flexible: Features a robust metal construction and offers both TA4 and LEMO3 connector options.
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The AD1 Bodypack Transmitter from Shure is a testament to superior audio delivery and robust RF performance, ideal for event organizers requiring reliable audio equipment. Its wide-tuning capability ensures adaptability across various frequencies, making it suitable for a range of events from conferences to concerts. The transmitter's High-Density mode is a standout feature, providing exceptional performance in RF-congested environments, while its durable metal construction and connector options (TA4 and LEMO3) offer versatility and longevity.

  • SKU: AD1=-G57
  • Frequency Band: G57 (470-608 MHz)
  • Connector Options:
    • TQG (TA4F, 4-Pin Mini)
    • LEMO3
  • Construction: Durable metal
  • Power Options: Optional rechargeable power with dockable charging
  • Special Features:
    • Wide-tuning range
    • High-Density mode
    • Encryption capability