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Shape Sony FX6 shoulder mount

Shape Sony FX6 shoulder mount


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Product Highlights

  • Compatible with Sony FX6: Specifically designed for seamless integration with the Sony FX6 camera.
  • Quick Release Baseplate: Features a 15 mm rod system and 18-inch rods, ensuring stability and ease of use.
  • Ergonomic Handgrips: Equipped with quick-release handgrips with Push-button technology and a 15 mm rod bloc for comfortable handling.
  • Superior Comfort: Includes a shoulder pad and back pad, both padded for enhanced comfort during extended use.
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The SHAPE Sony FX6 Shoulder Mount is an essential accessory for Sony FX6 users, offering a perfect blend of stability and comfort. Its quick-release baseplate with a 15 mm rod system is tailored to align with the Sony FX6's optical center, providing a secure and balanced mount. The ergonomic design is highlighted by quick-release handgrips featuring SHAPE's patented Push-button technology, allowing for easy adjustment and optimal handling. For extended shooting sessions, the shoulder and back pads offer superior padding, ensuring comfort without compromising on the rig's stability or functionality.

  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for the Sony FX6 camera.
  • Baseplate:
    • Lightweight with a 15 mm rod system.
    • Two attachment points (1/4-20 and 3/8-16) for secure mounting.
    • Includes a pair of 15 mm rods, 12 inches long.
    • Multiple 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes on the bottom for tripod mounting.
  • Quick Handle Rod Bloc (HAND5):
    • Two camera handle grips with 360° rotation.
    • Push-Button technology for easy adjustment and removal.
    • Anodized aluminum rod bloc for 15 mm rods.
    • 2 screw-threaded holes for mounting.
  • Shoulder Pad (SHPAD3):
    • Padded with slip-free material.
    • 15 mm rod block on top for additional attachments.
    • Compatible with SHAPE counter-weight (PAD1, PADCW1).
  • Back Pad (PAD1):
    • Powder coated anodized aluminum plate and arm.
    • Thick padding for user comfort.
    • Adjustable up to 2” vertically and 360° horizontally.
    • (2) 1/4-20 threaded holes for additional accessories or counterweights.
  • 15 mm 18 in Rods (15TUBE18):
    • Pair of 15-mm aluminum rods.
    • 18-inch length, hollow, non-threaded.
    • Tapered ends for easy connection to a rod block.
    • Aluminum coated with a clear finish.
  • Additional Specifications:
    • Weight: 4.6 lbs / 2.09 kg.
    • Dimensions: 21 x 7 x 5 inches / 53.34 x 17.78 x 12.7 cm.
    • UPC: 629266102602.
    • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty on CNC machined parts.