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Secced Reach Plus Tripod

Secced Reach Plus Tripod


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile Payload Range: The SC-V15/100RP head supports a payload range of 0-20.8kg, making it ideal for most ENG configuration cameras.
  • Enhanced Drag System: Offers improved smoothness in head movement, comparable to leading brands, with graded drag adjustment for quick changes.
  • Step-type Counterbalance: Simplifies the balancing process, allowing for quick and accurate camera setup.
  • Quality Construction: High precision CNC machined parts and high-quality hard plastic components ensure durability and reliable performance.
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The Reach Plus 3 Kit features the SC-V15/100RP head, designed to support a wide range of payloads up to 20.8kg, perfect for various ENG camera configurations. Its improved drag system ensures smooth head movements, with graded adjustments for rapid changes in tilt and pan drag, matching the performance of top brands. The step-type counterbalance system facilitates quick and precise camera balancing, while the quick-release mechanism allows for speedy camera mounting and dismounting. The kit's construction boasts high-quality CNC machined parts and durable hard plastic, enhancing the fluid head's reliability and performance.

Head (SC-V15/100RP)

  • Payload Range: 0-20.8kg
  • Improved Drag System for smooth head movement
  • Graded Drag Adjustment for tilt and pan
  • Step-type Counterbalance System
  • Quick Release Mechanism
  • CNC Machined Parts for precision and durability
  • High-Quality Hard Plastic for rigidity and durability
  • 100mm Ball Head, compatible with most 100mm tripods

Tripod (SC-ENG/AL(CF)100D)

  • Speed Locking System for quick setup
  • Equipped with Off Ground and Ground Spreader
  • Imported Material for high-quality plastic parts
  • High Rigidity of Tripods

Additional Components

  • Pan Bar: SC-PB15
  • Ground Spreader: SC-FS100