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Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 4 Channel Club Standard DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 4 Channel Club Standard DJ Mixer

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Product Highlights

  • Advanced Connectivity: Built-in WiFi for remote monitoring and control via the Stagehand app, enhancing collaboration with front of house teams.
  • Superior Sound Quality: Features 32-bit high-quality D/A and A/D converters from ESS Technology in booth, master, and channel input sections for crystal-clear, immersive sound.
  • Enhanced Control and Effects: New color display for Beat FX with intuitive X-PAD control, Sound Color FX with Center Lock feature, and a dedicated CH SELECT button for quick effects application.
  • Professional Microphone Input: Improved microphone input quality with phantom power support, allowing high-quality condenser mics to be connected directly.
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The DJM-A9 mixer revolutionizes live sound mixing with its built-in WiFi capability, allowing seamless remote interaction for front of house teams through the Stagehand app. This feature, combined with the high-resolution sound provided by ESS Technology's 32-bit converters, ensures both the audience and performers experience unparalleled audio quality.

The mixer's interface has been meticulously designed for intuitive control over effects and sound adjustments, featuring a new color display for Beat FX, a Center Lock feature for Sound Color FX, and a dedicated channel select button, all aimed at enhancing the DJ's creative flow.

Moreover, the microphone input has been significantly upgraded to support high-quality condenser microphones, a rare feature that sets new standards for live sound mixing in professional settings.

  • Dimensions: 407.4 x 458.3 x 107.9 mm (16.4" x 18.4" x 4.25")
  • Audio Resolution: 32 bit
  • Connectivity: USB Type-A x 1, USB Type-B / USB Type-C x 2
  • Compatibility: Serato DJ Pro, ShowKontrol
  • Special Features:
    • Center Lock Knob
    • Megafon, Reverb effects
  • Microphone Input: Phantom powered input for high-quality condenser mics
  • Sound Enhancements:
    • Booth output with 32-bit D/A converter from ESS Technology
    • Channel input section with 32-bit A/D converter from ESS Technology
    • Master output section with 32-bit D/A converter from ESS Technology