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Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 Professional DJ Media Player

Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 Professional DJ Media Player

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  • Flagship Multi Player: The CDJ-3000 is Pioneer DJ's evolved flagship multi player, offering enhanced creative power with its new MPU and high-quality components.
  • Advanced Features: Compatible with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay and StreamingDirectPlay, it allows for seamless integration with cloud-based libraries and streaming services for a vast music selection.
  • Enhanced Performance and Stability: Boasts improved stability and reliability, thanks to its advanced MPU, full audio file caching, and robust components like a high-quality aluminum top plate.
  • High-Resolution Touch Screen: Features a 9-inch, high-resolution touch screen that improves workflow with additional information, shortcuts, and customizable preferences for efficient track browsing.
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The CDJ-3000 professional DJ multi player represents a new dimension in DJ performance, powered by a revolutionary MPU for unmatched stability and loaded with innovative features for a smoother DJ experience. Its compatibility with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay and StreamingDirectPlay opens up endless musical possibilities, allowing DJs to access and play tracks directly from the cloud or streaming services. The unit's enhanced audio design and 96 kHz/32-bit floating audio calculation processing ensure the highest sound quality, reproducing tracks as the producer intended and delivering a realistic spatial sound and musical bass. With its rugged build, including a high-quality aluminum top plate and redesigned play, cue, and Hot Cue buttons, the CDJ-3000 is built to withstand the rigors of live performance, ensuring reliability event after event.

  • Playable Media: Various file formats supported for comprehensive DJ sets.
  • Advanced MPU: Drives stable performance and enables advanced features, ensuring a smoother DJ experience.
  • Pro DJ Link with Gigabit Ethernet: Share and play audio files from USB devices and SD cards on up to 6 CDJ-3000 units with a compatible mixer.
  • Screen Brightness: Maximum screen brightness improved by more than 150% compared to CDJ-2000NXS2, enhancing visibility in different environments.
  • Components: High-quality aluminum top plate, redesigned play, cue, and Hot Cue buttons, and lockable V-Lock power cable for increased durability and reliability.
  • Audio File Caching: Full audio file caching for uninterrupted playback even in case of connection issues.
  • Audio Design: Enhanced audio design for ultimate DJ sound, reproducing tracks faithfully and reflecting intricate performance details.
  • Spatial Sound and Bass: Audio calculation processing unified to 96 kHz/32-bit floating across all formats for realistic spatial sound and musical bass.
  • Natural Sound: Improved analog audio output circuit and tuned digital audio for reduced digital noise, creating a natural sound for long, high-volume sets.
  • Touch Screen: 9-inch, high-resolution touch screen with added info, shortcuts, and customizable preferences for easier track browsing.
  • Touch Preview and Cue: Allows auditioning parts of a track directly from the waveform and listening to another part of the track that’s playing.
  • Stacked Waveform and 3Band Waveform: Visual tools for monitoring track waveforms and understanding track composition at a glance.
  • Key Sync and Key Shift: Automatic and manual key adjustment features for smooth and harmonic mixes.
  • Jog Wheel: Redesigned for the smoothest feel and reduced touch latency, with an LCD screen for playhead position and track artwork.
  • Performance Interface: Rebuilt with redesigned controls and new features for intuitive performance, including eight Hot Cue buttons and dedicated Beat Jump buttons.
  • Auto Beat Loop: Expanded loop options with a new 8-Beat Loop button alongside the classic 4-Beat control for creative remixing on the fly.
  • Flexible Performance Options: Supports rekordbox-analyzed music from USB drives, laptops via USB-HID control, and iPhones with a USB cable and Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter (sold separately).
  • Sync with Visuals: Capability to sync sound with lighting, video displays, and pyrotechnics in real-time for engaging performances.