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  • All-in-One Controller: The NovaPro UHD Jr is an all-in-one controller with exceptional video processing capabilities, sending card functions, and LED screen configurations.
  • High-Resolution Support: Capable of handling 4K×2K@60Hz image processing and sending, it's ideal for high-resolution displays.
  • Versatile Input Options: Offers a range of inputs including DP 1.2, HDMI 2.0, 4× DVI, and 2× 12G-SDI, all with loop output capabilities.
  • Extensive Output Capacity: Features 16× Neutrik Ethernet outputs and 4× optical fiber outputs, supporting a loading capacity of up to 10,400,000 pixels.
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The NovaPro UHD Jr is NovaStar’s innovative solution for high-end rental applications and fine-pitch LED displays, offering a seamless blend of video processing and sending card functionalities. Its ability to support a variety of video input connectors, including HDMI, DP, DVI, and 12G-SDI, makes it highly adaptable for diverse event setups. The controller not only ensures high-quality HDR output for vivid and clear images but also provides low-latency output, crucial for live events and presentations. With its extensive output capacity and support for up to 10,400,000 pixels, the NovaPro UHD Jr stands out as a robust choice for event organizers and planners in conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events.

  • Input Connectors and Capabilities:
    • DP 1.2: Input resolution up to 3840×2160@60Hz, HDCP 1.3 compliant.
    • HDMI 2.0: Input resolution up to 3840×2160@60Hz, HDCP 2.2 compliant.
    • DVI: 4× single-link DVI connectors, input resolution up to 2048×1152@60Hz, dual-link mode available.
    • 12G-SDI: 2× connectors, supports ST-2082-1 (12G), ST-2081-1 (6G), ST-424 (3G), and ST-292 (HD) standard video inputs, input resolution up to 4096×2160@60Hz.
  • Output Specifications:
    • Ethernet Port: 16× Neutrik Gigabit Ethernet output connectors, max. width: 16384 pixels, max. height: 8192 pixels.
    • OPT 1-4: 10G optical connectors, copy and hot backup modes available.
    • HDMI 2.0 LOOP: HDMI loop output, supports 1 level of device cascading.
    • 12G-SDI LOOP: SDI loop output.
    • MONITOR: HDMI connector for output monitoring, resolution up to 1920×1080@60Hz.
  • Control Interfaces:
    • ETHERNET: For PC communication or web device control.
    • USB (Type-B): For PC device control, input connector for image mosaic.
    • USB (Type-A): Output connector for image mosaic.
    • GENLOCK IN-LOOP: For synchronization of connected units.
    • RS232: For central control device connection.
  • Additional Features:
    • Supports up to 10 user presets.
    • EDID management: Custom and standard EDID support.
    • Image Scaling: Full screen, pixel to pixel, custom modes.
    • Capture Function: Captures input source image for BKG use.
    • Image Mosaic: Connect up to 4 units for a super-large screen.
    • V-Can Support: Smart control software from NovaStar.
    • Customized BKG Settings: Supports pure color and image BKGs.
    • Low-latency Output: Reduces latency by 2 frames with NovaStar Armor series cards.
    • HDR Output: Enhances display image quality.
    • Decimal Frame Rates: Supports 23.98, 29.97, and 59.94 frame rates.