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Minuit Une IVL Photon

Minuit Une IVL Photon


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile and Innovative: The IVL Photon is a cutting-edge lighting solution designed for mid-sized venues, offering immersive beam shapes with just a few units.
  • Multiple Outputs: Features three main outputs – immersive (mirror), decorative (frost), and creative punch (moving core) for varied lighting needs.
  • Easy Control and Customization: Equipped with standard DMX control, allowing for endless customization with 9 gobos, dimmer, and RGB control for each of the 8 mirror tilts.
  • Award-Winning and Efficient: Winner of the 2022 Plasa Award for Innovation, the IVL Photon is made in France and boasts a compact design, extreme versatility, and low logistics requirements.
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The IVL Photon transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences with its technology-packed design, a result of 5 years of R&D. It's perfect for venues with a capacity of 500 to 3000 people, where it creates immersive beam shapes and endless looks from a single source.

Its innovative moving core, combined with the 8 tilts system (2 sides by tilt, mirror and frost), offers a new level of creativity and ease of use in lighting design.

The compact and versatile nature of the IVL Photon makes it ideal for a wide range of events, from music shows to corporate gatherings.

  • General Features:
    • Output: 3 main outputs (immersive, decorative, creative punch)
    • Control: Standard DMX
    • Gobos: 9 gobos for creating 1 to 256 beams
    • Design: Compact, extreme versatility, low logistics requirements
    • Award: Winner of the 2022 Plasa Award for Innovation
    • Origin: Made in France
  • Physical Attributes:
    • Weight: 16 kg (35 lbs)
    • Size: Compact design (48 cm diameter)
    • Power Consumption: Low (200W)
    • Handle: Adjustable for quick setup
    • Maintenance: Modular conception for easy repairs and long lifespan
    • Safety: Classified as Class 3R, safe as LED lighting
  • Lighting Features:
    • DMX Channels: 60
    • Mirror Tilts: 8, with RGB and dimmer control
    • Zoom: To activate the moving core
    • Shutter: Electronic
    • Colorimetry: Excellent RGB
  • Operational Aspects:
    • Programming: Intuitive, accessible without training
    • Laser Classification: Class 3R, variance-free in the USA
    • Design: Robust, suitable for touring
    • Optical Part: Isolated from haze
    • Tilts: 8 instances (position, dimmer, RGB)
    • Zoom Control: For the moving core
  • Additional Features:
    • Modular Design: For easy maintenance and sustainability
    • ROI: Cost-effective for rental companies
    • Applications: Suitable for a variety of events, including music shows, corporate events, and more