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Midas M32

Midas M32


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  • Digital Console for Live and Studio: Offers 40 input channels, 32 Midas PRO microphone preamplifiers, and 25 mix buses for versatile live and studio applications.
  • Live Multitrack Recording: Enables direct recording capabilities for live performances.
  • Innovative Design: Inspired by high-performance car industry, ensuring a modern, futuristic, and elegant console.
  • Durable Construction: Features space-frame construction with carbon fibre and aluminium for reliability in demanding live performance environments.
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The M32 LIVE digital console redefines the capabilities of medium-format live consoles by blending classic British console design elements with advanced modern technology. It offers unparalleled usability and ergonomics, thanks to its logical layout and innovative features, making it a preferred choice for live sound engineers worldwide.

The console's design, inspired by the luxury and high-performance car industry, and crafted by leading industrial designer Rajesh Kutty, showcases a modern, innovative, and stunningly elegant styling.

With its durable construction utilizing space-frame technology, carbon fibre, and aluminium, the M32 LIVE is built to withstand the rigors of live performance venues, ensuring years of reliable service.

  • Input Channels: 40
  • Midas PRO Microphone Preamplifiers: 32
  • Mix Buses: 25
  • Construction: Space-frame construction with parts made of carbon fibre and aluminium
  • Design Inspiration: High-performance car industry
  • Designer: Rajesh Kutty