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Midas Hub4

Midas Hub4


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  • Versatile Connectivity: The Midas HUB4 is designed to enhance stage and studio setups by providing both analogue and digital outputs for various applications, ensuring comprehensive connectivity options.
  • Power over Ethernet: Supplies up to four DP48 personal monitor mixers with PoE, facilitating a streamlined setup by reducing cable clutter and enhancing setup efficiency.
  • Cascading Capability: Offers the ability to daisy-chain multiple HUB4 units for large monitoring setups, making it ideal for applications ranging from small events to symphonic orchestra performances.
  • Analogue Outputs: Features 16 balanced line-level outputs for easy connection to IEM transmitters or as spare stage outputs, significantly reducing setup time and improving reliability.
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The Midas HUB4 stands as a pivotal component in any live event or studio recording setup, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. It powers up to four DP48 personal monitor mixers with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and delivers 48 channels of pristine 24-bit / 48 kHz audio, streamlining the audio distribution process. For large-scale events, its cascading feature allows for the expansion of monitoring capabilities without compromising on performance or sound quality. Additionally, the HUB4 simplifies the connection to IEM transmitters through its 16 balanced line-level outputs, eliminating the need for running extra lines from personal mixers, thereby enhancing setup speed and system reliability.

Unfortunately, I couldn't retrieve the specific technical specifications for the Midas HUB4 from the provided webpage. For detailed and accurate technical specifications, including connectivity options, audio resolution, and power requirements, I recommend visiting the official Music Tribe website or contacting their customer support directly. This will ensure you get the most accurate and up-to-date information directly from the source.