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Midas DP48

Midas DP48


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  • Dual 48-channel personal monitor mixer designed for precise control over monitor mixes, suitable for both studio and live stage settings.
  • Features SD Card Recorder for easy recording and playback of rehearsals and performances.
  • Includes Stereo Ambience Microphone for enhanced spatial monitoring experiences.
  • Supports remote powering, offering flexibility and ease of setup in various environments.
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The Midas DP48 redefines personal monitor mixing by offering dual 48-channel mixing capabilities, allowing two performers to independently control and customize their monitor mixes with ease. Its intuitive interface connects seamlessly with any AES50-equipped device, creating a versatile monitoring system for studio recordings or live performances. With 12 stereo groups, performers can quickly balance their mixes, ensuring that every detail is heard exactly as intended. Additionally, the DP48's dual stereo mixes feature allows for separate mix adjustments, including EQ, Reverb Level, and Limiter settings, catering to the unique listening preferences of each user.

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