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Midas DL32

Midas DL32


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Product Highlights

  • 32 Midas PRO Series Mic Preamps: Offers unparalleled sound quality for live performances.
  • Single Cat 5e Cable Connectivity: Simplifies setup with easy connection to FOH and other equipment.
  • Dual AES50 Ports: Allows cascading of two DL32s for expanded connectivity.
  • ULTRANET and ADAT Interfaces: Provides versatile connections to loudspeakers, personal monitoring systems, and outboard devices.
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The DL32 digital stage box is a game-changer in live-entertainment production, offering a direct link between onstage talent and the Front of House (FOH) console with just a single Cat 5e cable. Featuring 32 Midas PRO Series remote-controllable mic preamps known for their award-winning sound quality, the DL32 ensures pristine audio for any event. Its massive connectivity options, including the ability to cascade two DL32s via AES50 ports, ULTRANET direct connection for Turbosound iQ Series loudspeakers, and Behringer POWERPLAY P-16 Personal Monitoring System, make it a versatile choice for event organizers and planners. Additionally, the inclusion of optical ADAT sockets, AES-3 (AES/EBU), USB port for system updates, and MIDI I/O for lighting and sound module control further enhance its utility in professional settings.

  • Mic Preamps: 32 Midas PRO Series remote-controllable
  • Analog XLR Outputs: 16 balanced
  • Connectivity: Single Cat 5e cable for FOH connection
  • AES50 Ports: 2, for cascading two DL32 Stage Boxes
  • Mic/Line Inputs: Up to 64 when two DL32s are cascaded
  • Balanced Outputs: 32 when two DL32s are cascaded
  • ULTRANET Port: Direct connection to Turbosound iQ Series loudspeakers and Behringer POWERPLAY P-16 Personal Monitoring System
  • ADAT Outputs: 2 optical
  • AES/EBU: AES-3 interface
  • USB Port: For system updates via PC
  • MIDI I/O: For lighting systems and sound module control