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MegaLite Circa Scoop XS LED

MegaLite Circa Scoop XS LED


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Product Highlights

  • Compact and Versatile: The Circa Scoop XS LED is a smaller, versatile addition to the Circa Scoop LED Series, ideal for various settings including concerts, churches, theaters, and clubs.
  • Unique Design: Features a retro look with a modern twist, making it an upscale unit that enhances any environment.
  • Multiple LED Sections: Equipped with 84 RGB, 12 WW, and 45 WW + AMBER LEDs for diverse lighting options.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: Includes unique accessories like a four-unit and a seven-unit mounting frame for creative lighting positions.
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The Circa Scoop XS LED is a dynamic and compact lighting solution, perfect for adding a distinctive flair to any event. Its unique blend of a retro aesthetic and modern technology makes it stand out in any setting, from concerts to corporate events.

The fixture offers independent control of dimmer, macro, and strobe effects, along with the capability to create variable shades of white, providing unparalleled versatility in lighting design.

Whether floor-placed, rigged, or used with its unique mounting frame accessories, the Circa Scoop XS LED is designed to make any setting shine with a unique and captivating light.

  • LED Configuration:
    • 84 RGB LEDs
    • 12 Warm White (WW) LEDs
    • 45 Warm White + Amber LEDs
  • Control Features:
    • Independent control of dimmer
    • Macro and strobe effects
    • Ability to create variable shades of white
  • Accessories:
    • Four-unit mounting frame
    • Seven-unit mounting frame for various lighting positions
  • Applications: Suitable for concerts, churches, theaters, clubs, and various event settings
  • Design: Retro look with a modern twist, adaptable for floor placement, rigging, or use with mounting frames
  • Manufacturer: Enlighten | Disco | Lumen8