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Product Highlights

  • Bespoke flight case designed to fit haze and fog generators along with all necessary operational equipment.
  • Self-contained unit with purpose-built compartments for generators, CO2 bottles, MDG fluid, MDG theFAN, and a tool drawer.
  • Sturdy construction with a wheeled chassis for safe and easy transportation and deployment.
  • Features direct plug-in connections with external powerCON and XLR-5 DMX in/out for instant use.
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Note: Price Does not include fluid or CO2

The Vertical Flight Case is a custom-designed solution that perfectly houses either a haze generator (ATMe, ATMOSPHERE) or a fog generator (Me1, Me2, MAX 3000), along with two 9kg (20lb) CO2 bottles, a 4 L bottle of MDG fluid, the MDG theFAN, and a tool drawer, making it a self-contained unit for all your event needs.

Its rugged construction paired with wheels ensures the case can be safely transported between venues and easily deployed on stage, offering convenience and reliability.

The case also boasts direct plug-in connections, including external powerCON and XLR-5 DMX in/out, allowing for immediate operation without the hassle of complex setups, making it an ideal solution for festivals and touring.

  • Dimensions
    • Length: 81 cm (31.89”)
    • Width: 61 cm (24.02”)
    • Height: 112 cm (44.09”) including wheels
  • Weight
    • Empty: 55 kg (121.25 lb)
    • Total operating weight: 125 kg (275.58 lb) with 2 North-American gas bottles, 1 ATMe, 1 theFAN, and a 4 L (1 US gallon) fluid container