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Martin MAC Viper Profile

Martin MAC Viper Profile


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  • High Output Discharge-Based Luminaires: The MAC Viper series offers a range of high output discharge-based lighting solutions.
  • CMY Color Mixing: Each fixture in the MAC Viper family features CMY color mixing for a broad spectrum of color possibilities.
  • Variety of Models: The series includes the MAC Viper Profile, Performance, Wash, Wash DX, and AirFX, each tailored for specific lighting needs.
  • Specialized Features: Models like the MAC Viper Performance and Wash DX include additional features like framing shutters and internal barndoors.
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The MAC Viper series represents a versatile and powerful range of lighting fixtures designed for professional event setups. With CMY color mixing, these luminaires provide a wide range of color options, enhancing the visual experience of any event. The series includes various models like the Profile, Performance, Wash, Wash DX, and AirFX, each designed to meet specific lighting requirements, from profile and wash lighting to aerial effects, ensuring adaptability for events like conferences, weddings, and concerts.

  • Type: High output discharge-based profile and wash luminaires.
  • Color Mixing: CMY color mixing system.
  • Models:
    • MAC Viper Profile: Discharge-based profile luminaire.
    • MAC Viper Performance: Discharge-based profile luminaire with framing shutters.
    • MAC Viper Wash: Discharge-based wash luminaire.
    • MAC Viper Wash DX: Discharge-based wash luminaire with internal barndoors.
    • MAC Viper AirFX: Discharge-based aerial effects fixture.