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Lift-All® Steelflex™ Roundsling GAC-EN60 x 6' Black

Lift-All® Steelflex™ Roundsling GAC-EN60 x 6' Black


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile Lifting Solution: Ideal for event organizers requiring reliable rigging options.
  • Durable Material: Constructed with Steelflex for enhanced durability and safety.
  • Black Color: Sleek black design for unobtrusive integration into event setups.
  • 6 Feet Length: Ample length for versatile rigging configurations.
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The Lift-All® Steelflex® Roundsling GAC-EN60 x 6' Black is a premium rigging tool designed for event organizers and planners who need a reliable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing lifting solution.

Its durable Steelflex material ensures longevity and resistance to wear, making it suitable for various events from conferences to concerts.

The black color allows it to blend seamlessly with other equipment, maintaining the visual integrity of event setups. With a 6 feet length, it offers flexibility in rigging arrangements, ensuring that audiovisual and lighting equipment can be securely and efficiently rigged to meet the specific requirements of any event.

Unfortunately, the provided webpage content does not include specific technical specifications for the Lift-All® Steelflex® Roundsling GAC-EN60 x 6' Black. For detailed tech specs, direct consultation with the product page or manufacturer would be necessary.