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L-Acoustics X-UL12

L-Acoustics X-UL12


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  • The X-UL12 is a long U-bracket designed specifically for the X12 loudspeaker.
  • It is categorized under rigging accessories, ensuring secure and versatile mounting options.
  • Ideal for event organizers and planners requiring reliable speaker installation solutions.
  • Enhances the adaptability of the X12 loudspeaker in various event settings.
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The X-UL12 is a meticulously designed long U-bracket accessory for the X12 loudspeaker, offering robust support and versatile positioning. Its specialized design ensures that event organizers can securely rig the X12 loudspeaker in a variety of settings, from concerts to corporate events. This bracket is an essential component for professionals seeking reliable and flexible loudspeaker installation options.

  • Product Type: Long U-bracket
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for the X12 loudspeaker
  • Category: Rigging accessory
  • Applications: Suitable for various event types including conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events