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L-Acoustics M-BUMP

L-Acoustics M-BUMP


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Product Highlights

  • The M-BUMP is a specialized bumper designed for use with KARA (II)/SB18 systems.
  • It is specifically crafted for flying or stacking these audio systems.
  • This product falls under the category of rigging accessories.
  • It is ideal for event organizers and planners who require reliable and efficient setup of audio equipment.
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The M-BUMP is an essential rigging accessory tailored for the KARA (II)/SB18 systems, ensuring a secure and versatile setup. Its design facilitates both flying and stacking configurations, making it highly adaptable for different event types. This product is a crucial tool for event organizers and planners who prioritize ease of use and safety in their audio equipment setup.

  • Product Type: Rigging
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for KARA (II)/SB18 systems
  • Functionality: Suitable for both flying and stacking configurations
  • Category: Accessories