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L-Acoustics KS28-BUMP

L-Acoustics KS28-BUMP


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  • The KS28-BUMP is a specialized lifting beam designed for aerial rigging.
  • It is specifically tailored for use with up to 16 KS28 subwoofers.
  • This product falls under the category of rigging accessories.
  • It is an essential tool for event organizers and planners in setting up large-scale audio systems.
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The KS28-BUMP is an integral component for event organizers, particularly when setting up substantial audio systems. Its primary function is to facilitate the aerial rigging of up to 16 KS28 subwoofers, ensuring a secure and efficient setup. This lifting beam is categorized under rigging accessories, highlighting its specialized role in audio equipment setup. Its design and functionality make it a crucial tool for large-scale events like concerts, conferences, and corporate events, where precise and reliable audio setup is paramount.

  • Product Type: Rigging Accessory
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with KS28 subwoofers
  • Capacity: Capable of lifting up to 16 x KS28 subwoofers
  • Category: Falls under the category of rigging accessories