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L-Acoustics KIVA II

L-Acoustics KIVA II


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  • Compact Power: The KIVA II is a 2-way passive, dual 6.5" speaker, offering a blend of power and beauty in a compact form.
  • Advanced Technology: Incorporates Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST) and L-Fins waveguide for precise sound control and quality.
  • High Performance: Delivers a maximum SPL of 138 dB, ensuring powerful sound output for various events.
  • Versatile Use: Designed for easy integration and use in various settings, from concerts to corporate events, with a focus on clear vocals and smooth horizontal polar patterns.
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The KIVA II is a testament to advanced audio engineering, featuring a 2-way passive design with dual 6.5" speakers that deliver exceptional sound quality. Its incorporation of L-Acoustics' proprietary Wavefront Sculpture Technology and L-Fins waveguide ensures a precise and smooth directivity pattern, particularly in the horizontal plane. This speaker is not only powerful, with a maximum SPL of 138 dB, but also versatile and compact, making it ideal for a wide range of events where clarity and sound coverage are paramount.

  • Type: 2-way passive WST® enclosure
  • Amplification Compatibility: Amplified by LA2Xi / LA4X / LA8 / LA12X
  • Usable Bandwidth (-10 dB): 70 Hz – 20 kHz ([KIVA II])
  • Maximum SPL:
    • 138 dB ([KIVA II]) with LA2Xi (bridge mode) / LA4X / LA8 / LA12X
    • 133 dB ([KIVA II]) with LA2Xi
  • Nominal Directivity (-6 dB):
    • Horizontal: 100° symmetrical
    • Vertical: 15° (single), varies with the number of elements and array curvature
  • Transducers:
    • LF: 2 x 6.5” neodymium cone driver
    • HF: 1 x 1.75” neodymium diaphragm compression driver
  • Acoustical Load:
    • LF: Bass-reflex
    • HF: DOSC waveguide, L-Fins
  • Nominal Impedance: 16 Ω
  • Connectors: 2 x 4-point speakON
  • Rigging and Handling:
    • Flush-fitting 3-point rigging system
    • Inter-enclosure angles: 0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°, 7.5°, 10°, 12.5°, or 15°
    • 2 handles
  • Weight (Net): 14 kg / 31 lb
  • Cabinet: Composite sandwich structure, composite grill with anti-corrosion coating, acoustically neutral 3D fabric
  • Rigging Components: High grade steel
  • Finish Options:
    • Dark grey brown Pantone 426 C
    • Pure white RAL 9010
    • Custom RAL code on special order
  • IP Rating: IP55