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L-Acoustics KIET II

L-Acoustics KIET II


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Product Highlights

  • The KIET II is a specialized rigging plate.
  • Designed for ceiling or pole-mounting of up to 3 KIVA II/KIVA loudspeakers.
  • Categorized under accessories in the product range.
  • Ideal for event organizers and planners for various events.
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The KIET II is an essential rigging accessory for event audio setups, specifically tailored for the KIVA II/KIVA loudspeakers. Its design allows for secure and versatile ceiling or pole-mounting, accommodating up to three loudspeakers. This rigging plate is an ideal solution for event organizers and planners who require reliable and efficient audio equipment setup for conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events.

  • Product Category: Accessories
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for KIVA II/KIVA loudspeakers
  • Mounting Options: Suitable for ceiling or pole-mounting
  • Capacity: Can mount up to 3 KIVA II/KIVA loudspeakers