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L-Acoustics KARADOWNK2

L-Acoustics KARADOWNK2


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  • KARADOWNK2: A specialized flying bumper designed for rigging KARA (II) under K2 systems.
  • Category: Part of the rigging accessories for audio equipment.
  • Compatibility: Specifically tailored for integration with KARA (II) and K2 loudspeaker systems.
  • Purpose: Facilitates the effective and secure rigging of sound systems for various events.
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The KARADOWNK2 is an essential rigging accessory, specifically engineered for seamless integration with KARA (II) and K2 loudspeaker systems. This flying bumper is crucial for event organizers and planners, ensuring a reliable and secure setup of audio equipment. Its specialized design not only enhances the ease of rigging but also ensures optimal performance and safety of the loudspeakers during events such as conferences, weddings, parties, concerts, and corporate events.

Unfortunately, the specific technical specifications for the KARADOWNK2 are not provided on the webpage. For more detailed information and technical documentation, it is recommended to visit the Documentation Center linked on the product's webpage.