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L-Acoustics K2-BAR

L-Acoustics K2-BAR


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Product Highlights

  • The K2-BAR is an extension bar designed specifically for the K2-BUMP.
  • It falls under the category of rigging accessories.
  • This product is part of L-Acoustics' range of accessories for their audio equipment.
  • Ideal for event organizers and planners requiring reliable rigging solutions for audio setups.
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The K2-BAR is a specialized extension bar that complements the K2-BUMP, enhancing the rigging capabilities of audio equipment. It's an essential accessory for event organizers who need dependable and efficient rigging solutions. The inclusion of the K2-BAR in L-Acoustics' product lineup demonstrates their commitment to providing comprehensive audio solutions, ensuring that every aspect of sound setup, from speakers to rigging, is covered with professional-grade equipment.

Unfortunately, the specific technical specifications for the K2-BAR are not provided on the webpage. For detailed technical information, it is recommended to visit L-Acoustics' Documentation Center or contact them directly for more in-depth details about this product.