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Fujinon XA20sx8.5BRM-K3 HD B4 Broadcast Lens

Fujinon XA20sx8.5BRM-K3 HD B4 Broadcast Lens


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  • Wide to super telephoto lens for 2/3" format cameras.
  • Focal range between 8.5-170mm.
  • 20x zoom ratio.
  • 2x extender included.
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The Fujinon XA20sx8.5BERM-K3 ENG Lens is a versatile lens designed for 2/3" format cameras, offering a broad focal range from 8.5mm to 170mm. This lens features a 20x zoom ratio, allowing for significant magnification while maintaining clarity. Additionally, it includes a 2x extender, enhancing its capability for super telephoto shots, making it ideal for a wide range of broadcasting needs.

  • Focal Length: 8.5-170mm.
  • Zoom Ratio: 20x.
  • Extender: 2x.
  • Maximum Aperture: f/1.8 at 8.5-113mm, f/2.7 at 175mm.
  • Format: 2/3" format cameras.