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Eartec System- 8 units

Eartec System- 8 units


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  • Full duplex, wireless intercom system with single or dual speaker headsets.
  • Hands-free, simultaneous communication without the need for base stations or belt packs.
  • Features Eartec's Auto Mute Mic boom and operates in the non-licensed DECT band.
  • Includes Lithium Polymer batteries, field replaceable for extended use.
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The Eartec UltraLITE Full Duplex Wireless Intercom Systems are designed for seamless team communication in demanding environments. These systems offer hands-free, full duplex voice contact, enabling crews to communicate simultaneously without pressing buttons. The headsets are completely self-contained, eliminating the need for belt packs or base stations. With the Auto Mute Mic boom and operation in the non-licensed DECT band, these systems ensure clear communication without interference from other RF equipment.

  • Type: Full Duplex Wireless Intercom Systems
  • Headset Options: Single or Dual Speaker Headsets
  • Communication Mode: Hands-free, simultaneous full duplex
  • Base Station Requirement: None, completely self-contained
  • Microphone: Auto Mute Mic boom, swivels 270 degrees, wearable on left or right
  • Operating Range: Up to ½ mile
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer, field replaceable
  • Battery Life: Standard 6 hours, extendable with spare batteries
  • Frequency Band: Non-licensed DECT band
  • Expandability: Field programmable and expandable
  • Included Accessories: Soft side storage case (or padded carry case for dual speaker version)