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Clear-Com FSII-BP19

Clear-Com FSII-BP19


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Product Highlights

  • Versatile Compatibility: Functions with FreeSpeak BASE-II, FreeSpeak Edge Base, Arcadia Central Station, and Eclipse HX via E-IPA cards.
  • Multi-Frequency Operation: Operates on 1.9, 2.4, and 5.0 GHz frequencies, supporting up to 200 beltpacks on a single system.
  • Extended Range and Connectivity: Offers a typical range of 300ft (90m), extending up to 800ft (240m) outdoors, with robust radio link in high multipath or reflective environments.
  • Advanced Features: Includes 'Listen Again' message replay, simple 2-channel partyline to 5-channel intercom operation, and over-the-air beltpack registration.
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The FSII-BP19 is a cutting-edge digital beltpack designed to enhance communication in various event settings. Its ability to function across multiple central stations and frequencies makes it highly adaptable for diverse event requirements. The beltpack's extended range and robust connectivity ensure reliable communication in both indoor and outdoor environments, crucial for large-scale events. Additionally, features like 'Listen Again' message replay and the flexibility from 2-channel to 5-channel intercom operations cater to the dynamic needs of event organizers, ensuring seamless coordination and management.

  • Audio Specifications:
    • Audio Bandwidth: 200Hz-7.5KHz
    • Full-Duplex Audio Paths: Up to 5 with individual level control
    • Mode of Operation: Full duplex on all routes
    • Level/Talk Controls: 4 pushbuttons, a reply button, and 2 rotary controls
    • Enter/Answer-Back Button: 1
    • Bluetooth 4.3 Headset Profile
    • Codec: MSBC using HFP (Hands-Free Profile)
  • Frequency Spectrum:
  • Connectors:
  • Power:
  • Environmental:
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    • Size: 3.75 x 5 x 1.5in (HxWxD) / 97 x 130 x 45mm
    • Weight: 9.0oz (0.4kg) including batteries